FRA Certification Requirements Have Changed!

Your eligibility to continue being employed rests now on your certification as a Conductor or Engineer. You must pass your Conductor Certification exam. This site will help you accomplish that. You need to know your rules, this site will give you Study Flash Cards and sample Exams for you to practice prior to taking your Certification Exam. The greatest benefit is that you can have complete 3 year access to constantly study until you take your exam.

Our Test Study Guides are multiple choice computerized flash cards and adaptive exams which will test the knowledge, skills and abilities essential to qualify and safely perform the duties of a Railroad Conductor.
(worded in plural form as it will become critical to at least make  available some Air Brake and Train  Handling  questions as soon as possible after the site goes on line.)

If you are new to the industry, needing to recertify or simply looking to improve your working knowledge of railroad industry rules, we can help you prepare for your future as a Railroad Conductor.